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•In-situ, backside measurement follows the changing shape of the curved, embedded circuit layer during thinning

•Continuous, 5-axis motion maintains thickness uniformity while keeping the tool bit normal to the surface

Watch Dr. Robert Chivas explain  VarioMill's capabilities. 

Sample Preparation Applications:

Optical probing (visible LVP with ultra-thin prep)

•Photoemission with SIL

•Backside circuit edit

•Package failure analysis

Process Performance:

•Rapid grinding

      5 mm/s, 0.5 – 100 um plunge using 8 um grit tool bit

      2 um, 8 um, 20 um plated diamond grit; 1-3 mm diameter bit

•Smooth as-ground surface for reduced polishing time

     < 300 nm peak-to-valley roughness for 2 um plated grit

     No edge or corner saw-teeth (5-axis blended tool path)

•Orbital, 5-axis, one-step polish to optical quality

Uniform Thickness Preparation Specification:

•Thickness range: < 5 µm (< 2 µm Ultra)

•Thickness mean accuracy: 1 µm (0.5 µm Ultra)

•Minimum remaining thickness: 10 µm (2 µm Ultra)

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