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  • Noninvasive thickness measurement from 1000 um down to 500 nm

  • Reliable reading through rough and highly doped samples

  • High measurement accuracy and repeatability

  • Full field of view

  • Index of refraction dispersion compensation for increased measurement accuracy 

  • Polynomial fitting for sample surface thickness mapping

  • Modular design

Varioscale utilizes an interferometric measurement system to determine the thickness of a sample in real time. Using this technique allows rapid measurement and characterization of a part, necessary in the fast paced environment of the semiconductor industry. The VarioMetric system preforming this measurement and analysis is included in all Varioscale products: VarioEdit, VarioMill, VarioProfile, and VarioMetric. This metrology system combines the ability to determine a wide range of thicknesses and robustness of measurements even on rough and highly doped samples to create a uniquely useful measurement system. The dual spectrometer system employed by all state-of-the-art Varioscale products pushes the measurement capabilities to its current specification of 1000 um down to 500 nm in a single system. 

The VarioEdit, Mill, and Profile also come with the capability to run a measurement array on the sample over a selected region.  This measurement array will collect a user determined number of points across the sample.  It will then fit these measured values to a polynomial that represents the thickness of the sample over the measured region.  

Materials other than silicon can be measured as well if the index of refraction of the material is known.

The modular design and standard component build allow for easy replacement and fast trouble shooting on all VarioMetric systems. 

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