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Circuit Edit

  • Laser deposition of copper lines and contacts using laser deposition 

  • Rapidly open 100x100 micron trenches with less than 1 micron remaining silicon

  • Copper deposition on silicon, glass, and package material with laser power control to avoid circuit damage

  • Low power package removal with UV laser system

  • Varioscale tools rapidly facilitate failure analysis and circuit edit with silicon removal rate unmatched by any other technology

  • Silicon removal control from rapid bulk removal on the 100 micron scale to 10s of  nanometers.

Varioscale finds it's origins in the circuit edit and failure analysis field.  Varioscale was founded to help meet the needs of the worlds top semiconductor manufacturers to help them diagnose and fix their products rapidly. 

The full suite of Varioscale products, helps to push the limits of speed and precision in the circuit edit work flow.  The VarioMill can prep a chip from full thickness down to 3 microns remaining silicon with a polished finish, ready for further work.

The combined efforts of the VarioMill and VarioEdit expedite the sample preparation time line through fast bulk grinding in the Mill to localized trench investigation with the Edit.  

The VarioEdit also comes equipped with a pulsed UV laser, this additional laser pushes the VarioEdit trench limits down to less than 1 micron remaining silicon without damaging the underlying circuit.  The ultrathin remaining silicon can be removed quickly in the next phase of the sample preparation process.  This UV laser is also a useful tool for package removal,  the low power nature of this UV laser allows for controlled package removal without risk to damaging the copper traces being revealed. 

Copper lines and contacts are created using Laser Vapor Deposition. 

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